To my wife

Thank you for always being there for me and the kids. Doing whatever you can to keep the house running smoothly

Its appreciated more than you know


sometimes I get bored

and when I get bored, I’ll just change random things

case in point, new theme for my site. no reasoning, just thought it was cool

anyways…. on the homefront the kids are almost ready to walk. Hailey stands and wobbles, too scared to take a step though. Tyler, welllllllll, he’s a little lazy. Gonna take him longer. Getting ready for Halloween too. No hints on what the kids will be, you’re going to have to wait and find out. But they will trick or treat and I will have to, um, inspect all their haul. bwahahahaha

kids bday party is tomorrow

Been just under a year since the kids were born. BIG party tomorrow. A few suprises. I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun. See you there!

busy busy busy

Seems that either Jen or I have always got something going on. We’re constantly busy. Seems like sometimes we’re almost two passing ships in the night. If its not doing something for the kids, its something with the kids, etc. Don’t get me wrong, wouldn’t have it any other way, just tough on us sometimes.

I love hearing people complain about their 1 baby is so tough to take care of. Imagine two, and our kids are GOOD. But even w/ that, they’re still a lot of work.

With their 1 year birthday coming up, lets do some quick math. They average probably 10-12 diapers/day between the two of them, so I’ll split the diff and say 11. 11 diapers * 365 days = 4,015 diaper changes
4 meals day * 2 kids * 365 days = 2920 meals (that doesn’t include snacks between meals)
You could see how that begins to add up time-wise, and that doesn’t include baths, playtime, clothes changes, etc. It’s a big wear on us, but luckily we have a loving family that helps all they can.

All those crazy numbers aside, it’s been a great year. It’s insane to think how much they’ve not only grown, but developed. About walking now. They’re much more self-sufficient at meal-time. Just think of the things they’ve already experienced. Hailey and Tyler have both been on a carousel. They both LOVE the park (just try and getting them off the swing!), the zoo, even running to the store, or a long walk.

Our little babies aren’t so little anymore. We used to be able to hold each of them just cupped in the palm of our hand, now we’re lucky if we can even catch them cause they move so fast

Anyway, their first birthday party is in about a week. BIG party for a BIG milestone. There are a ton of people coming too. Shows you how much they’re loved

Should be fun! see you there

Another week gone by

It seems like time flies, and it does. Kids are already 10 1/2 months old now. Jen’s been planning for their 1st birthday party now for weeks, maybe even months. Its a good thing too. I didn’t realize how involved it would be. I can’t give away the surprises, but it will be VERY kid friendly obviously. We’re renting a pavilion at the park district, so obviously they’ll be a nice park, plenty of room, etc. But just the logistics of it is insane. Food for a LOT of people. Stuff for kids to do. Stuff for adults to do. What time, what to bring, timing of everything under the sun. Jen’s got a notebook with probably pages of stuff filled of what we need, what we have, what we still need to get. Thankfully the ‘need to get’ list is getting smaller, but she’s doing an awesome job of thinking about stuff I would never think of. Guess I’d never cut it as a party planner. Me: well. just show up at 3:00, ok? Unfortunately that doesn’t feed/entertain your guests. Guess I’ll leave it in the hands of a professional!
Over the past week we’ve been pretty busy with the kids. Been out wrangling up decorations and such for their party, watching stores for deals/ideas is key when you’re setting up such a large get-together . Just hope the weather will cooperate, but if not, that’s covered, quite literally by a 50×100 or so pavilion!
When Jen wasn’t doing that, she’s been with the crawl machines having fun. We found out they LOVE the pool. Water was chilly. They didn’t care, just got right in and started splashing around.
They look like they’re about ready to start walking too. Tyler is insanely fast at crawling now. Hailey just looks like she’s doing the worm :), but I think by they’re birthday there’s a good shot either one or both of them will be walking. We shall see!

another weekend thats flown by

Had another good weekend with the monkeys. Problem is, the weekend was such a blur cause it went so fast I almost forgot what we did. Some errands saturday and a long walk sunday. Weekend over

weekend update

Nice weekend. Weather was great, and the kids loved being the center of attention by pretty much the whole town all weekend

took a few more pictures of the festivities, even got to take the monkeys to the park today. they LOVE swings!

Congrats to Hailey & Tyler

We entered the kids in a baby contest today at the towns fest. Kids did awesome. 1st and 3rd in their division. Such cute little hams. Bubs ate up the attention, Hailey was a bit more laid back, throwing dirty looks to the judges and all ha.

All the kids got participation awards and the ones that placed got ribbons. They even got a trophy!!!!

Tyler gets to walk (well, ride in a float) in the town parade tomorrow. Pretty cool. Now we have to flip a coin to see who gets to ride with him.

Too bad it’ll be smack dab in the middle of naptime, so he’ll probably sleep the whole parade, or be cranky that he cant fall asleep with all the commotion, but, it’ll be a cool experience regardless.

Jen did an awesome job getting them ready. Cool little outfits, I think that was the winner!

Here’s just a few pics of the fun


It feels like summer

Took the kids out for a walk today. 80 degrees. had to be near 100% humidity. It was THICK, so much so there was fog for a while.

Jen entered the kids in a baby competition. Judged on looks, character, attitude or something weird like that. I think we’ll be ok. We got 2 cute smilers!

We got a different car since we couldnt fit the kids AND their stuff in there at the same time. A Chevy Uplander. Not a bad ride. I’m not a fan of mini-vans, but it has decent styling, rides nice, has some pickup, and it suits whats we needed it for, SPACE. Jen loves it, which is good since its now her daily driver.

Other than that we’re just trying to beat the heat. Trying to mix in outdoors time with the kids, but sometimes its just so hot. Jen being the awesome mom she is, took the kids to the park this week and put them on the kiddie swings, they loved them!

Well back to parenting we go!

Things going on

As of last week, the kids are both crawling now. Well, a modified version of crawling I suppose. Both are doing the army crawl where they more pull themselves w/ their arms than actual full out crawl using their knees. But it works, and they can really get around now.

Tyler is up to 8 teeth, Hailey still at 2 and holding. They never really bothered Tyler, but at night they seem to be bugging Hailey and she has some trouble sleeping.

It’s nice for Jen that she’s been getting to spend more home time w/ the kids, whereas I was there more up until pretty recently. But now the weather is nice (see: HOT) and we’ve been outside w/ them. The got their first pool experience last week and they loved it. They thought it was a big tub and just splashed around like mad. We even brought them in the big soaker tub this week so they could splash all they wanted w/o wrecking the hardwood floors!

Next thing you know, they’ll be 1 yr old! Not far away. 2 1/2 months to go. Good thing Jen started planning MONTHS ago, so we’ll be ready! 

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